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Amar Karthik Front-end Web Developer & AI Enthusiast

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I'm Amar, an Entrepreneur, Innovator, and AI Enthusiast. With 7 years of experience in Website Design and WordPress Development, I am a skilled Front-end Web Developer. My background in SEO, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, and UI/UX Design allows me to offer a wide range of services to my clients. I started freelancing at the age of 14, gaining valuable experience and skills that I continue to apply today. Now, as the Founder of UnikBrushes, I provide tailored web development services.

I'm also excited to announce the launch of a new EdTech platform called LearnyHive, where we assist engineering (VTU) students in achieving effortless success during semester exams through engaging video content and comprehensive study resources. Read more...

Technical Skills acquired in the past 7 years

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Founder Of UnikBrushes

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As the Founder and CEO of UnikBrushes, I established the company in May 2015 with a focus on providing comprehensive digital solutions including web development, web design, SEO, and various digital marketing services. With my leadership and expertise, the organization has gained a reputation for delivering exceptional results and achieved substantial growth since its inception.

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Founder and CTO at LearnyHive

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As the Founder and Chief Technology Officer at LearnyHive, my journey began with a passion for education and technology. The goal: crafting an unmatched learning adventure designed exclusively for engineering students. Through captivating video content and a range of comprehensive resources, LearnyHive stands as a catalyst, transforming the realm of exam preparation.


My past work experience as a part time and full time.

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Hiring Manager | WordPress Developer and Designer | SEO Executive | Prompt Engineer

at AlphaCode Global

Creating campaigns to recruit candidates for our team.

Writing Prompts for ChatGPT to write SEO friendly blog articles, landing page copy and creating marketing strategies.

Using AI image generation tools like Midjourney, BlueWillow, Canva AI.

On-page SEO for clients' websites.

Primary working on all aspects of Web Design and Development with WordPress and Elementor.

Designing and Developing a fully fledged website with the help of UI/UX prototypes which are designed in the Adobe xD or Figma.

Cross checking all the aspects of SEO and solving them with the help of Yoast SEO and Rank Math SEO plugins for WordPress.

Custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding for solving minor issues which are caused by website builders.


Software Engineer

at Techiesys IT Solutions

Design, development, and upkeep of the official company website.

Developing user-friendly, dynamic and responsive websites with the latest technologies like Bootstrap 5, SASS, Tailwind CSS, etc.

Improvising the pre-made web templates to the latest and advanced technologies.

JUNE 2022 - DEC 2022

Founder & CEO

at UnikBrushes

Sr. Web Developer, Graphic Designer and the Chief Executive Officer.

Designing and developing the entire web application using technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, and others.

Designing and developing complete E-commerce solutions with the help of Woo-commerce, Shopify and Megento.

Creating CMS websites from scratch or using platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Designing company logos, animated banners, brochures, business cards, etc.

Installing web templates on various PHP scripts.

Setting up websites in cPanel and other file transfer protocols.

Primarily working on the development of Paid-to-click, Get-paid-to, Revenue-share and Hyip websites.


Front-end web developer

at Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer

Developing the complete web app by using the technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, etc.

Designing company logos, animated banners, brochures, business cards, etc.

Installing web templates on various PHP scripts.

SEPT 2018 - APRIL 2022

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